Commercial Fire Alarms

Businesses run greater risks of fire than homes. The higher traffic of people, the increased activity, and the likelihood of higher volumes of combustible materials mean that commercial fire alarms must always be functioning to safeguard against excessive fire damage. Too many disasters can be avoided, or at least minimized, by the presence of commercial fire alarms to ever justify skimping on these important items.

Commercial fire alarms are stand alone and/or networked throughout the premises. This allows people to evacuate and respond to any dangers with the greatest lead time possible, regardless of their proximity to the actual fire. The addressable points of a commercial fire alarm system must be appropriately spaced by professional installation teams. A commercial fire alarm system is only as good as the way it is set up.

Commercial fire alarms work by sensing smoke and/or heat. They then turn on notification devices such as horns, strobes, or combination horn/strobes loud enough to be heard both inside and outside the building and bright enough to notify the hearing-impaired, thereby alerting the greatest number of people possible. They are hard-wired to the main fire alarm control panel with battery back up and can often be connected to local fire departments and central station monitoring firms.

At Global Fire Control, we are an independent company working with engineered systems distributors worldwide to create the best, safest, most reliable commercial fire alarm systems available. Should your needs extend beyond commercial fire alarms, we are also able to deliver smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations, notification devices and explosion-proof devices. Please contact us at today.