Commercial Smoke Detectors

A commercial smoke detector is a life safety device that detects airborne smoke and emits a signal to the fire alarm control panel for it to activate notification appliances to warn people of possible fire-related dangers. They can save lives and businesses and are one of the single-most important features of any building. Commercial smoke detectors, to be most effective, must be intelligent throughout the premises and hard wired to the building's fire alarm control panel.

The old saying, "Where there's smoke, there's fire," is only true to a point. More accurately, it should be, "Where there's smoke, there could be a fire." With commercial smoke detectors, businesses can be alerted to potential dangers and respond to them quickly. Not all smoke is a fire to a commercial smoke detector. As they are able to detect smoke particles caused by machines or other work-related activities. Proper commercial smoke detectors must be set up to accurately report the environment they serve.

Commercial establishments run greater smoke and fire risks than private homes. Greater traffic means greater risk. Securing these establishments with commercial smoke detectors is the single-greatest way to defend against the total ruin of a business and loss of life. Even theft cannot do the type of damage that a fire can wreak. Make sure your investments are properly protected.

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