Explosion Proof Alarms

Hazardous areas with particularly harsh environmental conditions require alarm systems that can withstand these inherent conditions. Risks associated with explosions, flammable materials and chemical reactions must be met with explosion-proof alarms. Anything less can render the system inoperable when it is most needed and put lives and businesses at unnecessary risk.

By using explosion-proof enclosures, traditional alarms can be made to withstand even the most forceful of events and still be affordable. These products require very limited maintenance and have proven themselves to be steady performers over long periods of time. Explosion-proof alarms can even be used in marine environments or industrial areas where hazardous areas need fire detection.

An explosion-proof alarm is part of a larger system of manual pull stations, strobe lights, horns, control panels and more. Because the conditions are so unduly severe, it is imperative that the entire system be working properly and that there be no weak link in the chain. The alarms need to work and always be ready. Having a fire-proof alarm without, say, an equally durable annunciator is like having a car without a steering wheel.

At Global Fire Control, we've been manufacturing fire alarms and related industry equipment for three generations. We work hand in hand with engineered systems distributors (ESDs) to establish the best possible explosion-proof alarm systems to protect your business and employees. Contact us at inquire@globalfirecontrol.com today to see how we can help make your work environment the safest it can be.