Explosion Proof Horns

The damage that fires can cause goes far beyond what we see the next day in the ashes. The damage that fires can cause can stay with the survivors for a lifetime, especially if there were ways to avoid or minimize the tragedy that were not taken. Explosion-proof equipment such as explosion-proof horns can save lives.

As they are resistant to blasts caused by fires, chemical reactions and hazardous material, they will remain vigilant in their duty to warn people to evacuate a building as soon as possible. Through a simple upgrading of equipment at minimal cost, traditional alarms, horns and strobes can be fitted to withstand forces that typically cripple them.

Horns tied to fire alarm systems are there for a reason. Their high-pitched, high-volume cries leave nothing to chance. When they go off, it is time to get out. In large structures where sound may not travel well, they are of particular importance. But they are only as effective as their functionality allows them to be. That is, if they have been destroyed by a blast, they are useless.

Areas that use flammable materials and chemicals are particularly at risk and most in need of explosion-proof horns. At Global Fire Control, we manufacture explosion-proof horns to tie to any larger fire alarm system, and we make sure that the products you receive are not only the best they can be but also come with our unconditional support. If you have any questions, please contact us at inquire@globalfirecontrol.com.