Explosion Proof Smoke Detectors

Explosion-proof smoke detectors serve areas that have such harsh conditions that blasts, raging fires or violent chemical reactions are all within the realm of possibility. All safety precautions that are implemented in these areas to save lives and property start with explosion-proof smoke detectors. They are the first line of defense against harm. Nothing should be held back to ensure that these are the finest products available and always working at peak performance.

Without the proper explosion-proof smoke detectors, businesses run the risk that their employees and facility be harmed and therefore ineffectual. Since these systems are invariably tied to larger systems of manual pull stations, strobe lights, and horns, a breakdown in system wide communication could be disastrous to a company's longevity. This is especially true in larger plants and factories.

Explosion-proof enclosures make it possible to manufacture explosion-proof smoke detectors without running up excessive cost. The durability of these products also means that once established, a system can be easily maintained, requiring very little product maintenance and upkeep. Explosion-proof alarms can even be used in marine environments or industrial areas where hazardous areas need fire detection.

At Global Fire Control, we manufacture a full range of fire safety alarm systems, including state-of-the-art explosion-proof smoke detectors. Contact us at inquire@globalfirecontrol.com to learn more. The business of safety that we provide means your business can continue worry-free.