Explosion Proof Strobes

Fires wreak havoc under the best of circumstances. If it is a building's great misfortune to suffer a fire, it is always hoped that it occurs when there are no people present. Since this is only a wish, we always have to prepare for the worst, and strobes to guide people to exits and safety play a large part of that.

Still, even with this equipment there is an inherent danger that substantial heat or a blast caused by fire will damage equipment. But it is possible to minimize this potential hazard with explosion-proof strobes and explosion-proof alarms. By the simple use of explosion-proof enclosures, traditional alarms and strobes can be made to withstand forceful events while still remaining affordable.

Any area that uses flammable materials or chemicals is particularly at risk and most in need of explosion-proof strobes. At Global Fire Control, we have manufactured fire alarms and related products for three generations. We understand the vital function explosion-proof strobes play in a larger fire safety system. We understand also that every piece in that larger system must be operating at peak performance.

For these reasons, we have dedicated our company to providing the best fire alarm equipment available, as well as to offering the best customer service possible. Safety comes not only in having the best products, but in using them in the best, smartest ways. For further information about any of our products, please contact us at inquire@globalfirecontrol.com.