Heat And Smoke Detectors

Heat and smoke detectors scan the air around us for abnormally high temperatures and the presence of smoke. The reasons for this are simple. Extreme heat and/or smoke usually means fire that is either already present or well on its way. By providing early detection, heat and smoke detectors can help businesses avoid large-scale disasters involving loss of life and property.

Heat detectors are the simpler of the two devices in terms of the mechanics. When a temperature raises beyond a reasonable level, an electrical circuit closes and an alarm sounds. Because of the malleable and expansive properties of certain metals, this is easily achieved. Smoke detectors work in one of two ways: either through optical detection or through ionization detection.

Both heat and smoke detectors have very low failure rates and are considered highly reliable. Naturally, this can only be the case if the heat and smoke detectors are both of good quality and properly installed. At Global Fire Control, we have been manufacturing fire alarm equipment for three generations. We understand its importance and have made excellence not just a quality to strive for but one to achieve.

Heat and smoke detectors are not optional pieces of equipment for any business. Insurance requires them. The level of sophistication in any given system does leave some room for flexibility, however. At Global Fire Control, we invite any questions you may have. We can be contacted at inquire@globalfirecontrol.com.