Home Smoke Detectors

Home smoke detectors are often-neglected pieces of equipment. They should not be. Home fires can be devastating, and many can be avoided with properly functioning home smoke detectors. The equipment itself is inexpensive and easy to install. What they protect--lives and personal property--is invaluable.

Home smoke detectors come in two forms: hard wired and stand alone. Hard-wired home smoke detectors connect to a home's central electrical system. If wiring for them does not already exist, it will have to be put in. Hard-wired home smoke detectors also come with battery backup features in case a home's electrical system goes down. Whether or not the electrical system is working, the smoke detector will alert you to a dying battery with a series of chirps.

Home smoke detectors should be placed in every room. This is particularly important in the kitchen area, where the vast majority of home fires start. In addition to home smoke detectors, it is suggested that every home have an evacuation plan in the event of a fire. It is especially important that children understand these plans.

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