Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms, also called smoke detectors, are safety devices that sense the presence of smoke. They then sound a high-pitched alarm that alerts people to the potential danger of fire. Depending on the sophistication of the fire alarm system in place, smoke alarms can be connected to a series of other actions such as setting off sprinklers, alerting the fire department, or opening or closing doors.

Smoke alarms work either by "seeing" smoke particles as they interrupt a beam of light or by an ionization process whereby the presence of smoke disrupts a chemical reaction. Many newer smoke alarms combine the two technologies for the greatest reliability possible. However, either system is dependable and will save lives and property if properly installed and configured.

At Global Fire Control, we have been manufacturing fire alarm equipment for three generations. As the technologies have grown, so have we, and today we offer some of the latest and greatest products available on the market. We are proud to work with systems designers to configure the best possible solutions for any given building. For more information, please contact us at

Smoke alarms must be maintained in order to do their jobs. Too often people believe that they have smoke alarms in place and are therefore safe. That is not necessarily true. Take the time to review your current fire alarm scenario and see whether it can handle the potential hazards it may encounter. Safety always comes first.