Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors save lives. It is that simple. They are items that no building, however small, should be without--although too often the smoke detectors installed are inferior or outdated. As with any kind of technology, smoke detectors have grown over the years, and the best manufacturers have made it their business to stay ahead of the curve.

Smoke detectors, also called smoke alarms, sense smoke in one of two ways. Either they "see" the smoke by use of a beam of light that gets interrupted by smoke and scatters light particles, or they use an ionization process whereby a continuous chemical reaction in the smoke detector itself is interrupted by the presence of smoke. The result in either case is that an alarm is sounded and people can get to safety and deal with any potential fires.

At Global Fire Control, we offer smoke detectors that use both optical and ionization technology. Our commitment is to providing the best products possible to our clients, and we are proud to do just that. Every system requirement will be different, of course, and for this reason we feel it is important to work with qualified engineered systems distributors (ESDs) when developing a plan for fire alarm equipment, particularly in larger, industrial settings.

We are a third-generation business here at Global Fire Control, and we are committed to the excellence of both our products and our services. Fire safety and smoke detectors are often overlooked parts of building maintenance. They shouldn't be. For more information, please contact us at